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Crescent City Farmers Market to temporarily close starting March 19

Beginning on March 19, 2020, the Crescent City Farmers Market will cease market operations until further notice to minimize any risk to shoppers and vendors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we feel that we have instituted many safety precautions at market since the onset of this crisis, the safest measure at this time is extreme social distancing. Rest assured that in the meantime, Market Umbrella staff will be working diligently behind the scenes to develop ways to continue to support our vendors as well as our communities’ vulnerable populations. We will use this time to explore innovative options such as ways to create a virtual market place. This has been a very difficult decision but the health and wellness of our community is our top priority.

Crescent City Farmers Market has partnered with Top Box Foods to create boxes full of CCFM vendor products for home delivery on Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Fridays/Saturdays. Boxes are available at Top Box Foods. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see when sales are launched.

Please check back regularly for updates as we work to organize additional methods for food distribution.

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Our Work

In addition to our flagship Crescent City Farmers Market, Market Umbrella has developed several community-based initiatives to further its mission of cultivating public markets for public good. Market Umbrella has expanded its outreach by partnering with other local markets and community health organizations to increase access to healthy, local food in New Orleans. These programs are operational or in the pipeline to be implemented in the New Orleans region:

Regional Mentor

Crescent City Farmers Market

As a nonprofit that runs producer-only farmers markets and a multitude of programming, we’ve become a distinct entity in the region and seek to share what we’ve learned. We work with vendors and other markets to share our lessons learned, work through challenges, and create a vibrant, flourishing food system. Be it in starting a market, implementing the token economy, accepting SNAP, or in using our MarketShare tools to assess market performance, we visit other markets and gladly host representatives at ours to share our experience.


We share our accumulated knowledge with peers, partners, and investors active in the field of public markets. Also, we learn from them. Market Umbrella offers one-on-one technical assistance via telephone, webinars and in-person meetings. Our staff has decades of experience running markets, operating public health programs, developing farm-to-school linkages, and delivering training to organizations interested in offering health incentives through SNAP, WIC, and farmers market prescriptions through public markets. We also offer evaluation tools for markets to assess their programs and track their progress over time. Please call us at (504) 861-4485 to learn more. We encourage you to use measurement tools like SEED, published analysis in the form of green papers and field notes, and practical capacity-building how-to's, manuals, and videos.

Consulting with CLEDA for Kids Club

Working with the Central Louisiana Economic Development Agency (CLEDA), we have implemented Kids Club at three Central Louisiana farmers markets. Through Kids Club, children are exposed to new fresh fruits and vegetables. With enrollment reaching the limit, and redemption at almost 100%, this program has been successful since summer 2017.

Regional Markets

Here is a list of other regional markets that we’re happy to have in our growing network of community partners.


New Orleans is a unique place rich in food traditions. Market Umbrella creates data-driven programs that cater to our community’s needs, and we assist other communities in doing the same. We believe that access to healthy food choices and economic opportunities are key to individuals’ quality of life. Our local programs are developed with feedback from the participants and the intent to support them in making healthy lifestyle choices that benefit them and our amazing farmers, fishers, and chefs.

Market Match

CCFM gladly accepts SNAP dollars at all market locations as part of the Market Match program. Just like other card transactions at the welcome tent, shoppers can swipe their SNAP cards and receive wooden tokens that are accepted by all of the vendors. CCFM will match up to $20 in SNAP purchases per day for each customer to use on fruits and vegetables. CCFM shoppers can also use their Market Match tokens to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the Refresh Market on Mondays from 4-7 PM. Learn more.

Farmers Market Prescriptions

The Farmers Market Prescription Program (FMRx) is a collaborative effort of community partners working together since 2012 to improve access to healthy foods and physical fitness options. Program participants attend classes at community health centers where they receive free nutrition education, farmers market vouchers for local fruits and vegetables, and key cards to access New Orleans Recreation Development Commission’s free fitness activities at facilities citywide. Learn more.

Meet Me at the Market

Meet Me at the Market is our farmers market field trip program that allows students to meet regional farmers, learn about our local food system, and taste new foods. We welcome teachers and students of all ages to meet us at our Uptown Tuesday market for a fun and informative visit with our staff and farmers. Learn more.

Market+ WIC/CVV Market+

Market+ is a program for increasing healthy food access and nutrition for families using the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) at the farmers market. WIC participants present their Market+ membership cards at the welcome tent of any seven CCFM locations to receive $48 in cash value vouchers (CVV) to spend on fruits and vegetables for up to six months. Learn more.

Market Mommas Club

Market Mommas Club is a breastfeeding incentive program for mothers and mothers-to-be who are currently eligible for Louisiana Medicaid. Moms are partnered with a breastfeeding peer group for the opportunity to receive a Market Mommas Card, worth $80 for up to six months. This card can be redeemed at any seven CCFM locations. Learn more.

Farm to School

Market Umbrella is the lead for Louisiana in the National Farm to School Network. We work with farmers, school food providers, educators, and students to grow a community of residents to support our local economy, explore new options in education, and bring nutritious foods to school menus. Learn more.

For more information about these programs, call (504) 861-4485, visit Our Work tabs, or ask the staff at the Crescent City Farmers Market welcome tent at any of the market locations.

About Us

Market UmbrellaMarket Umbrella is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3), based in New Orleans, whose mission is to cultivate the field of public markets for public good. Market Umbrella has operated the Crescent City Farmers Markets (CCFM) since 1995.

Crescent City Farmers MarketThe Crescent City Farmers Market operates weekly year-round in four New Orleans neighborhoods. The CCFM hosts nearly 80 local small farmers, fishers and food producers, and more than 100,000 shoppers annually.